Cuisinart 77-17 Chef’s Classic 17 Piece Review

Cuisinart 77-17 CookwareCuisinart has been making professional cookware for more than thirty years. All pots and pans that are made by the company are constructed of the very best materials. When you buy Cuisinart you can rest assured that you are getting high quality kitchen equipment.

The Chef Classic Stainless steel set is definitely worth the investment as it will prove itself over and over again every time that you use it. The Cuisinart chef s classic stainless cookware offers a great set of pans for any kitchen.

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Perfect Heat Distribution

The base of these pans is made out of pure aluminium which allows the pan to heat up quickly. The heat will then spread evenly throughout the entire pan. All hot spots are eliminated. The best part is that the handles of the pan will stay cool during the heating process. The handles also are contoured so they are easier to grip. The cooking surface of the pan is made out of stainless steel and it will not react with food, alter the flavours of the food, or discolour in any way.

Extremely Versatile

This set of stainless steel pans from Cuisinart is extremely versatile. They can be used in up to a 500 degree oven. You can cook in them in the oven, under the oven broiler, and on the stove top. In addition, if you want to you can store food in them and put the pans in the freezer as they can withstand the cold as well.

Features and Specifications

When you purchase the 17 stainless steel pans from Cuisinart you will receive the following in the box:

  • 8 inch skillet
  • 10 inch skillet
  • 12 inch skillet
  • 1 and ½ quart saucepan with a lid
  • 2 quart saucepan with a lid
  • 3 quart saucepan with a lid
  • 4 quart sauté pan that also has a helper handle and a lid
  • 9 quart stockpot with a lid
  • Multi-steamer insert with a lid
  • Pasta insert

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Customer Reviews and Scores

At the time of writing this review there was almost 298 customer reviews available for the Cuisinart 77. The average rating for the pans is 4.2 stars. These pans come up time and time again in the best of the category according to several customers. Several customers also made statements claiming that the pans cooked food evenly and that the clean-up of the pans is very easy.

While the overall reviews of the set of pans is good, there were a few people that had some problems with it. One of the main concerns from customers is the fact that the pans have a separate heat conducting material on the bottom of the pans. This is sandwiched between stainless steel. The aluminium allows material may melt if the pan is heated when it is empty.

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This Cuisinart cookware set sells for around $199.28. For this price it will be difficult to find a better set of stainless steel pans. The cookware set includes all of the pots and pans that you need in order to cook for the family or entertain your friends.

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