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How Healthy Is Cooking With Nonstick Pans?

These days, the nonstick pans are used in the majority of the homes to cook food as these need a little amount oil to cook food. One just needs one or two teaspoon oil to sauté the vegetables or the meat, and it is much less than the oil needed to cook in the stainless steel pans. Apart from being so useful in healthy cooking, the nonstick pans are also very useful in cooking the delicate food items like eggs. Often these easily break apart while cooking in any stickier pan.

The potential dangers of using the nonstick pans:

But only a few people know that the nonstickness of these nonstick pans come from the perfluorocarbons or (PFCs). These chemicals are linked directly to the developmental problems and liver damage. Besides, the potential troubles with this cookware come from Teflon-another chemical, which is used in making these. Teflon is associated with the chemical perfluorooctanoic acid that is mainly linked to cancer in the laboratory animal, reduced fertility level, thyroid disease and elevated cholesterol among people.


While these nonstick pans are heated up high, the coating vaporizes and breaks down and it releases the toxic components into the air. So, from the next time before you toss out the nonstick pans, count on these following things to make the cooking safer.

  • Don’t cook under the high temperatures: It is advisable that while you cook something with the nonstick pans, never cook the recipes and foods that need high temperature over 500°F. The reason behind it is that, after reaching to this temperature, most of the nonstick pans start to decompose while emitting the PFOA fumes. So, in case you are thinking of preparing steaks, then consider using the cast iron pans.
  • Don’t chip the surface: Never chip the surface while using the nonstick pans. It is one of the important tips of healthy cooking with the nonstick pans. Using some metal utensils like metal spatulas can chip or scratch the coating, enhancing the scope of exposing the chemically encrusted surface. So, it is advisable to use a plastic or wooden spatula for a safe usage. Besides, clean the pans carefully. Never use any metal scrubbers or steel wools to clean these. Rather use a sponge and any detergent as the smooth surface of these pans make the cleanup really easy.
  • Don’t preheat the pan: Preheating the pan is more or less similar to cooking at the high temperatures. Overheating the pans shortens the lifespan of these pans. So, if you only cook in the nonstick pans, then consider buying the heavier weight pans. These will not only hold up for several years, but also will withstand the heat in a better way. So, this way you will be able to save the cost of replacing the pans frequently.
  • Be choosy with the recipes that you cook on these cookware: Though people often think that nonstick pans are safe to cook, still important to be choosy and you should use them only when you need the most. Choose the alternate options like cast iron or steel.

Follow these steps mentioned above and you will be able to cook healthy in the nonstick pans keeping all the health hazards away.

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How to Choose a Safest Cookware Set In Your Budget

Kitchen maintenance is a tough task and many people are afraid of maintaining their kitchen up to their standard. Many people also hire different kitchen boys and maids to check out all the necessary items required to make your kitchen a complete kitchen. But, have you ever noticed that your kitchen deadly needs your attention? Yes, it is true. The fact of the matter is, your kitchen does require your attention just like a baby.

Safest Cookware

It is the requirement of a complete kitchen to have all those necessary items in it that are required to make delicious dishes. However, these items can only be purchased, if you are having a free budget and don’t have any tension to buy anything for your kitchen at any time. Most of the people have a very tight monthly budget, in which they have to complete all the needs of every department of the home. Similar is the case with the cooking appliances in the kitchen.

A safest cookware set is always required to cook delicious foods that require some steam to make the food ready to be served. Without a safest cookware set you can’t enjoy food items like steam chicken, chicken roast and other similar items. So, if you are in a state of mind on how to choose a reliable cookware set that set in your budget, you need to follow the following steps, in order to get the best one:

1. Manage your Budget

The first thing that you have to do is to manage your budget and check how much money you have in your pocket to purchase a safest cookware set. Mostly people don’t have a loose budget to purchase a high-priced safest cookware set. So, it is very important to manage your budget to purchase a good safest cookware set.

2. Do a Complete Market Analysis

To purchase anything, you have to be well-prepared for a market analysis. If you are planning to purchase a safest cookware set, do a complete market work. The main benefit of a market analysis is to get the rates of different brands of safest cookware sets. You then have to check market prices and then compare it with your budget that you have set to purchase that safest cookware set for your kitchen. If you see a reliable and safe cookware set within your budget, you should definitely go for that one.

3. Bargaining From Your Side

Remember! Every item that a shopkeeper sells will definitely have some profit on it to the seller. However, seller himself adds some extra price of the item which is only for the purpose if the customer will negotiate on this item. So, to cut down that price, always try to bargain smartly on the product you are choosing. If this is the shopping for a safest cookware set, you must negotiate to get some price off of your item. That is something intelligent and every person doesn’t have the skills cutting that price down.

5 Simple and Effective Ways on How to Clean Stainless Steel Cookware

You stainless steel cookware is definitely a great investment that requires proper care in order to avoid stains and discolorations. This requires that you learn a few valuable tips which will help you deal with any mess that arises. Below are some of the valuable and effective tips on how to clean stainless steel cookware:

1. Common care for your cookware

To keep your stainless steel cookware clean and looking superb, you will need to adopt some general cleaning mechanisms. This means hand-washing the cookware using hot and soapy water before drying it completely using a non-abrasive piece of cloth. This should be done before storing the cookware. According to experts, washing the stainless steel cookware in a dishwasher could have negative effects on the appliance finishes and especially due to the detergents used. To avoid this, it is advisable that the dishwasher should be removed immediately after the wash phase and dried using a soft piece of cloth and this should be done by hand to prevent spotting.

2. Use vinegar as part of your washing

Mostly, it is possible to see some chalky white deposit on your stainless steel cookware. This is normally caused by the presence of high calcium levels in the tap water and can be prevented by mixing vinegar and water in a ratio of 1:3. Boil the mixture and allow it to cool before washing using some soap. Once this is done, rinse well and dry using a soft cloth.

3. Get rid of burned-on food remains properly

Many people normally make costly mistakes when removing burned-on foods from stainless steel cookware. Instead of scratching the cookware using a spoon or an object, fill it with some water and place it on a burner for approximately 10 minutes (you can also add warm water). Allow the water to sit for 45-60 minutes before scrubbing using a nylon scouring pad. Once this is done, use some hot, soapy water to complete the washing and then rinse properly. Dry with a soft cloth before storage. In case the residue it stubborn, repeat the procedure above until the desired results is obtained.

4. Only use non-abrasive cleaners or pads

For stain removal and general cleaning, only non-abrasive cleaners should be used. This will help keep the cookware looking new and shiny without messing it up. This means avoiding metal scouring pads to avoid scratching the cookware surface. These pads may seem effective in removing stubborn stains by they leave a negative impact on your cookware and therefore you should only use nylon or plastic brushes or choose nylon-net scouring pads. Ammonia-based cleaners and chlorine bleaches should be avoided during cleaning.

5. Maintain the brand new shine

You can maintain the new look on your stainless steel cookware by wetting its surface before sprinkling some baking soda and then rubbing gently using a soft non-abrasive pad. A nylon-netted sponge will work well in this case. Rinse the cookware properly after this and dry using a soft cloth or paper towel.

Now that you know how to clean stainless steel cookware, following these simple tips will see your cookware serve you for generations. A little extra effort will also be welcome in keeping the cookware looking as good as new.